Bennett Burke



I’m Bennett. Fascinating, deep, and mysterious.. I’m something of an orgiastic enigma. Best described as being a monumental beauty with a colorful twist, I’m an archetypal head turner with an outré, avant-garde debut.

Shaped like an ornamental hourglass with a complexity of killer curves, I’m a true exemplar of feminine sexuality.

My spirit is free, my heart is light, but my mind… it’s dirty. A former sea nymph-turned-snake charmer, I’m a California transplant who’s finally hung up her fins, took to the desert, and evolved into her most sirenic form.

An ambulant traveler with a spontaneous nature, I’m a modern day flower child with a deep love for new adventures and organic experiences.

As I slowly begin to branch my way back out into this divergent and ever-changing world, I’m bound to make my way onto your list of favorite delectations.

Visually stunning with an incredibly approachable nature, I am your ideal accompaniment for any occasion. A situational chameleon, I’m perfectly suited as being anything from your sumptuous dinner date, to being your breezy, casual, daytime tryst.

Whichever the course, I will always leave you with a smile on your face, overly satisfied and craving for more.

Bennett xoxo











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